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Hi, I'm Lisa <3

I've been teaching yoga in the New York City area since 2009 and am qualified to work with bodies of all types and practitioners of all levels.  I believe that the yoga practice is beneficial to any lifestyle and is accessible to everyone, whether through the physical asana practice or through mindfulness.  I'm always enthusiastic to work with new yogis, see progression in your on-going practice, and to simply see you show up for yourself.  I'm available for group classes as well as private sessions and other various offerings.

Hope to see you in class or work with you soon! 



200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training LAUGHING LOTUS NYC 2009

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training KARMA KIDS YOGA NYC 2009

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training SAMBA YOGA at KARMA KIDS YOGA NYC 2009

300 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training YOGAMAYA NYC 2011

Prenatal Pilates Teacher Training EVOLUTION PILATES at KARMA KIDS YOGA NYC 2012

Iyengar Yoga: Foundations of Excellence YOGA VIDA NYC  2016

Ayurveda Immersion YOGA VIDA NYC 2016

First Degree Reiki  KEELY GARFIELD 2017

Various, Ongoing Bhakti Yoga - Philosophy Trainings + Immersions THE BHAKTI CENTER NYC

Adult CPR, Child CPR, & Infant CPR Certifications Updated

Yoga Teacher Liability Insurance, Philadelphia Insurance  






When I was three years old,  my amazing parents signed me up for my first dance class in Queens, NY and I continued dancing for the next twenty years.  With the intention of majoring in dance at CUNY Hunter College, I was able to discover yoga through an elective in the dance department.  However, my passion for dance & performance molded into a passion for theatre & writing and I graduated with a double major in Theatre & English.  This led me to pursue my MFA at Adelphi University, where I was awarded a fellowship in Poetry.   Due to a gigantic  flaw in their system, it all fell through.  So, instead of becoming bitter, I took it all as sign to register for my first Yoga Teacher Certification in NYC.  I believe that my passion for the body and movement, along with my studies in the creative arts have provided me with a strong foundation to analyze bodies, to understand natural human emotions & tendencies, and to be in-tune with what an individual needs.  

“Where there is no inner freedom, there is no life.”

-Radhanath Swami



I grew up deeply connected to the ocean and nature.  I've traveled around the world and continue to feed this passion by leading yoga retreats to many of the places I love or want to explore.  When I'm not on my yoga mat, I'm either getting lost on a beach, heading to the mountains, skydiving, camping, hiking, attending Bhakti Yoga-centered events, or spending time with family and friends.  This life is about balance, acknowledging and working with deep, extreme emotions, and using the yogic tools to dig deeper so we can go higher.