Superfood Booster

It's snowing outside here in New York and it's that time when the winter is winding down and we're all waiting for some summer sunshine - well, most of us.  I personally love the snow and the cold weather (and all seasons, for that matter), but I sometimes forget to do the usual healthy, mood-boosting, immune system-super charging that tends to come much easier for me in the summer.  

...and it's also almost a fact that it's much easier to chug that daily h20 on a sunny, sweaty summer day than on a windy, near freezing winter afternoon.  

Lately I've also been trying to get my vitamin C in as much as possible.  At work, tons and tons of us have gotten (or are still getting) sick with the same flu or cold over and over again and it hurts my heart when I can't do with I love because I'm home sick.  

To keep my body and overall self happy and healthy, I've been making this quick, easy, and delicious drink once a day. 

Mangosteen + Hibiscus + Chia water!

I use this powder from ANIMA MUNDI Apothecary:


[no culinary skills needed!]

16 oz of water

1 tsp of Mangosteen+ Hibiscus Superfood 

1 tsp of Chia Seeds

[shake every few minutes or so until the chia gets nice and gooey and enjoy!]